Balam is a company dedicated to the creation, acquisition, design of artisan textiles and blanket clothing, from the beginning selling in the owner's house to being able to open a boutique store. Currently there are 7 branches plus wholesale sales, part of our vision to bring our beautiful product to the entire country and part of the world.

These are our foundations.

LEAVE AN INHERITANCE. The rescue of the uses and customs of the original peoples of the different regions, through attire, clothing, household items such as napkins, utensils for daily use and above all their typical everyday and ceremonial costumes.

WE LIKE AND BELIEVE IN HANDMADE TEXTILES. In the city, in the rural population and at all times we proudly use and carry the artisanal textiles made by the original people as part of our current and ancestral culture.

BE MY OWN BOSS. Depending on our responsibility and ability to fulfill our objective of preserving our own culture, do things well in order to have good results and ensure a good future for our products and services and, above all, for our activity and business for individual and family safety.

HELP OTHER PEOPLE: Support artisanal labor in the ancestral techniques of creation and preservation of their uses and customs in textiles made with their original materials and such as the preservation of plants, animals, dyes, etc.

PRESERVE ANCIENT CUSTOMS. Providing the service of promotion, dissemination, exhibition and sale of their products, as well as us being a sample and example of how to dress and carry these artisanal products with pride and dignity. With this we can also teach new generations to rescue their identity and culture through clothing and everyday items. With this activity we help the economy of artisan families since it is difficult for their members to leave their communities to market their products, which makes us feel satisfied.

Felipe Artesano